#619 Cowboys and Ninjas in Comics

Cowboys and Ninjas

How one culture perceives aspects of another culture is always interesting to observe. Our old friend Patrick Iijima-Washburn has been looking at how American comics portray ninja warriors and, conversely, how Japanese comics portray cowboys. Tim gets his observations on the matter.

Critiquing Comics #098: Pariah, Missouri

Pariah, MOAndres Salazar and Jose Luis Pescador’s Pariah, Missouri, set in the old west, presents some fantastic art and interesting characters. But is the story too formulaic? Tim and Mulele discuss.

Critiquing Comics #068: “Bang Bang Lucita” and “Snake”

lucitasnakeNimProd.com has sent us the first issues of two Western books, “Bang Bang Lucita” and “Snake”. Both are fairly heavy on fan service for 21st-century straight guys, anachronisms be damned, with lots of skin showing on the shapely titular (pun intended) heroines. Both ladies are drawn with care, but what’s getting short shrift here? Tim and Mulele saddle up and go take a look-see.

#350 “The Sixth Gun”

If you haven’t read The Sixth Gun, by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, you may think it’s just a Western. Well, it’s a 19th-century western U.S. setting, but the crux of the story is less “High Noon” and more “Hellblazer”. Tim is joined by Eugenia to discuss this ongoing Oni Press series. We also take note of Brian Hurtt’s source of photo reference, Shorpy.com.

We’ll also hear about what Eugenia‘s doing lately, and this weekend’s Comicdom Con