#698 Tony Stark, Futurist

Iron Man

In the 21st century, Tony Stark (alter ego of Iron Man) has been evolving into an Elon Musk-type “futurist.” What are the reasons for this change? Has it done anything to expand the kinds of stories that can be told with the character? Has Stark ever even really worked as a sympathetic character? Emmet calls up self-described “strategy & foresight practitioner” (and comics geek) Matt Finch to discuss these points and more.

#662 Warren Ellis’ Three Pieces of ‘Watchmen’

Black Summer

Warren Ellis’ Black Summer, No Hero, and Supergod are three separate stories, but if you put them together you’ve kinda got all the elements of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. But was Ellis really writing these books in response to Marvel’s Civil War? Kumar and newcomer Jordan evaluate all three books.

#558 “Transmetropolitan”

Spider Jerusalem

Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis and Darrick Robertson, was a 60-issue series that covered potential issues of the future as well as political issues for any era. Tim and Kumar have read the whole series, and now they’re here with an analysis. How does the series’ take on the future stack up, fifteen years later? How does it seem prescient, and how does it feel a bit off-base? What are the politics of the series? Why does it appropriate a couple of iconic images?

#525 Comics and Politics

Comics and PoliticsIn the wake of the 2016 presidential election, with a result that many found unexpected and disturbing, Emmet and John discuss various comics that have commented on politics and on government gone bad, including V for Vendetta; X-men: God Loves, Man Kills; Ex Machina; Prez; Transmetropolitan; Nemesis the Warlock; American Flagg; Congressman John Lewis’ March; and more.



We’re entering that time of the year. The leaves have fallen from the trees. There’s a crisp feeling and crackle in the air as we enter the doldrums of winter. Some of us even experience the pain… errm… beauty of snow. Any way you slice it, we all move a little slower come winter and the comic industry is no different. There’s not as much coming out this month, but there’s still stuff worth talking about.


RuinsI’m most excited about Ruins #1 from Marvel Comics with Warren Ellis writing the script this month. Ellis always does a spectacular job, and though he’s shown his face in the premiere publishers before, he doesn’t make much of an appearance at Marvel too often. The new series investigates the evil that men do, and I’m always a big fan of Ellis’ approach to that. Check it out. Continue reading ERIC’S “IT’S HIBERNATIN’ TIME!” COMICS NOW! NEWSLETTER VOL. 11 #1 – January 2009