#662 Warren Ellis’ Three Pieces of ‘Watchmen’

Black Summer

Warren Ellis’ Black Summer, No Hero, and Supergod are three separate stories, but if you put them together you’ve kinda got all the elements of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. But was Ellis really writing these books in response to Marvel’s Civil War? Kumar and newcomer Jordan evaluate all three books.

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One thought on “#662 Warren Ellis’ Three Pieces of ‘Watchmen’”

  1. I generally like the idea of this podcast; I love me some comics and especially the deconstruction kind…but this time you got me all confused. Is this really deconstruction here, or is it really just some callous, cynical bullshit? Why, I ask, would you bother devoting an entire show to the discussion of something you clearly don’t care about? From the very start, it sounded like you had very little interest in the series you were going to talk about…and here I am, interested in some intelligent conversation about a series that I am curious about. Imagine my betrayal. Why take so much time on a subject you clearly seem to not give two shits about? I am genuinely more curious now, and not about what you are talking about anymore…but why. Could you not use your very nice platform (kind of like an artist, with a clean Bristol board ready to be defiled by graphite and India ink) to make the most beautifully rendered picture of comic book brilliance with the tools you have honed to perfection?! Or is it that you are just too skilled at the podcast, but not that great at the storytelling? This whole bias against a topic at the beginning is sort of sloppy and just comes off as an apathetic effort to make yourself feel Superior, right? Oh did I hit a nerve? Maybe, in future, try to work on a legit review of comics by objectively appreciating the good and criticizing the bad, without prefacing the whole thing with a veneer of disinterest? Just a thought. And if you think about it… maybe all your sniggering layabouts are just like the people you like to criticize…Jose Ryps of podcasts, per se: so full of all this massive detail all over the place but genuinely lacking in any worthwhile substance. Check the mirror on that sometime. Just some feedback from someone who would rather hear some good honest commentary sometimes. Until I see better from you, I will be over on the Kayfabe from now on. Cheers.

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