Critiquing Comics 016: “Sick”

SickWe’ve talked about Gabby Schultz’s (a.k.a. Ken Dahl’s) work before, when we discussed his books “Monsters” and “Welcome to the Dahl House”. He’s currently gradually publishing a comic on his Web site, called “Sick,” which moves from Gabby’s particularly hellish illness into his impressions of a seemingly hellish existence. Tim and Mulele discuss.

Sick, chapters 1-10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

#214 We get interviewed!

Tim and Mulele are joined by Mike Kloran, a Deconstructing Comics listener and artist based in northern Japan. Creating educational comics is discussed, and Mike interviews Tim and Mulele. Also, what are Mike’s thoughts on this podcast itself?
Then Tim and Mulele discuss two books by Ken Dahl, “Welcome to the Dahl House” and “Monsters”.