#447 Rob Guillory: The other CHEW drops

Tony Chu in love

This week Rob Guillory joins Tim to give his side of the genesis of Chew (following on John Layman‘s side a few weeks ago), describe how he had trouble finding anyone who wanted him to draw in his own style, recall the shock of realizing that drawing could actually be a paying job, and more.

#438 John Layman gives us something to Chew on

PoyoAs John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew passes the 3/4 point, major characters (including badass galline fan favorites) get maimed and even killed — yet the story somehow retains a lighthearted tone! This week, John Layman (who’s also writing Cyclops for Marvel) talks with Tim about nonsequential storytelling, the one thing Rob Guillory can’t draw, Tiger Beat posters of Robert Kirkman, and much more.

#382 “Chew”: Disgusting and Delightful

chew_02Is there any other book quite like Chew? So minutely plotted by John Layman, so compellingly rendered by Rob Guillory, so disgusting (blood, vomit, cannibalism) and yet so much fun (mock-scientific names for the various types of food-based powers, wacky character names, the sheer volume of stuff packed into each issue… and of course, the world’s most badass rooster).

Ryan Haupt (from the Science…Sort Of podcast) is back to help Tim wade through the icky loveliness that is Chew.