#368 Sweating the details with “Cursed Pirate Girl”

Cursed Pirate GirlWaaay back in episode 250, Tim talked to Thomas Negovan about the Kickstarter project for a comic called Cursed Pirate Girl. Negovan was the publisher of the single issues of the series, and was handling media inquiries while the comic’s creator, Jeremy Bastian, put all his time into the comic’s insanely detailed art.

The first three issues are now out in a fancy hardcover from Archaia, and this time Jeremy himself comes on the show to talk to Tim about what’s happened since the successful 2010 Kickstarter project, and what to expect from here.

Plus, Tim and Brandon review the book!

#324 The Dapper Men Have No Clothes

Return of the Dapper MenReturn of the Dapper Men, by Jim McCann and Janet Lee, is a great-looking book, all cloth binding and gold foil. It has an unusual feel for a comic, being a work of decoupage. And the story… um… iFanboy book of the month, you say? Eisner Award winner, you say? Um… Tim and Brandon just ain’t seeing it. Why is it so lauded?

Also, Tim is joined by Mulele and Paul to critique a small stack of mini-comics, sent in by our friend Dale Wilson: