#754 “Peanuts”: Schulz’s Silent Sundays 1957-1961

Charles Schulz’s Peanuts is a master class in how to do a comic strip. This week Kumar and Tim are focusing on a five-year period of Schulz’s career, 1957 to 1961, and 25 Sunday strips that demonstrate Schulz’s skill at dialog-free comics. You might want to read the strips before listening; see below!

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Snoopy and Linus

2/10/57 Snoopy waiting for Linus to share a candy bar with him

6/30/57 blowing on each other

9/15/57 Snoopy grabs the blanket while Linus is holding it and swings him around by it

11/24/57 Snoopy again grabs the blanket and heads into his doghouse

7/13/58 Linus, chased by Snoopy, throws his blanket into an open window

8/24/58 another blanket battle

12/14/58 Snoopy drags Linus – and debris

7/26/59 Snoopy, Linus, and blanket go crashing into the doghouse, which rolls down a hill and crashes into a tree

6/12/60 Charlie Brown sees something spinning around right next to him that turns out to be Linus and Snoopy fighting over the blanket

11/27/60 Linus uses the blanket to spin Snoopy like a top

Characters facing adversity

2/9/58 Linus takes his sled up a hill, then realizes there’s a tree in his way

6/22/58 Snoopy blocks both CB’s TV viewing and his radio listening

6/29/58 Linus wipes out on the rocking horse

8/31/58 Lucy and musical teddy bear

1/4/59 Snoopy slides around on ice until he’s run over by a bunch of hockey players — very Minnesota!

1/18/59 Lucy fails at throwing a snowball at Charlie Brown, so she kicks him

4/16/61 Lucy’s Rival

11/26/61 Snoopy in the rain

Cute vignettes

2/3/57 Charlie Brown sliding on ice

5/12/57 Linus hangs his blanket on a nail temporarily so he can catch a baseball — barehanded??

8/11/57 Charlie Brown takes his sleeping bag outside

12/1/57 Snoopy on top of the TV

4/26/59 Lucy catapults a rock into Linus’ sand castle — Lucy in a nutshell

10/18/59 Sally’s bottle on Schroeder’s piano

6/18/61 Snoopy gets all the glory

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