Critiquing Comics #208: “Amazing Tales” #4

Amazing Tales 4

David Dye has been one of our favorites here on Critiquing Comics; Tim and Mulele even interviewed him once. He’s back now with Amazing Tales #4, in which he takes a turn toward horror. Jason joins Tim to brave the creepy goings-on.

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One thought on “Critiquing Comics #208: “Amazing Tales” #4”

  1. Tim and Jason, thanks for critiquing my comic. As usual I was a little concerned about how it would be received, so was delighted to hear your comments. The first story was inked with an ink wash, which gave it that different look to the other two stories, Yes, I struggled with the final few words in the last panel of that story. “Bunyip” is pronounced rhyming with “fun” and “lip”. I had a lot of fun writing and illustrating these stories and am glad you could appreciate the humour as well. My comics are available in pdf form and physical form here
    Price of postage is crazy, worse luck.

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