Critiquing Comics #163: “Read More Comix” and “Antfarm”

Read More Comix - Antfarm

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Read More Comix, by Robb Mirsky, James Spencer, and David Craig, a series featuring hilarious, weird, and sometimes disturbing comics, long and short
  • Antfarm, story and art by Alberto Melendez, working on a concept created by his late brother Tony “War” Melendez. Anthropomorphized ants in battle gear for a start, but who are these characters?

Plus, a recent comic from Marvel that’s of interest to budding writers; a letter from a creator whose work we recently critiqued; and more Spidey/Sony/Marvel talk.

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #163: “Read More Comix” and “Antfarm””

  1. Wow guy’s! Thank’s Tim and Mulele for critiquing my comic book AntFarm#1. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to do so!

    a lot of the questions that you had about the story was spot on and there are answers for all of them, but I see now how I could have implemented a better story telling format as to not leave the reader with so many questions and confusion.

    Thanks so much you guys rock!

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