#506 Drawing, Translating, Podcasting

Brandon_dragonPodcast co-founder Brandon talks about building a daily drawing regimen, using Scott Robertson’s How to Draw.

Then Kumar tells us about each of the various manga titles he’s recently translated. Looking for some good manga to read? Here are some ideas!

Finally, Tim talks about attempting to make podcasting profitable, and his self-published English study book and comic.

Below: a timetable of the episode, and more art from Brandon.

1:24 Brandon

15:24 break

17:15 Kumar: Market stabilization since the manga boom & bust

20:05 Dark Horse

27:41 Yen Press

30:00 Fanfare

32:33 Vertical

36:15 mysterious anime series job

37:18  Kumar’s plans for San Diego Comicon

41:18 Tim – what he’s juggling

44:31 ads on DCP?

48:27 Tim’s day jobs & summer vacation

50:06 How much potential audience do we really have?

52:50 Tim’s self-publishing ventures: Machigai Manga on iTunes & English study book: I Can’t Eat Natto on Amazon



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