#474 International Comics Fest 2015, pt 1

Kaigai easelThis year’s International Comics Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) in Tokyo was bigger than ever! Plenty of familiar faces from past years gave it a sense of community (long sought by many foreign comics creators feeling rather isolated in Japan), but there were plenty of new faces, too, many of whom flew in from Europe and North America to be here. Tim once again procured a media pass and went booth-to-booth gathering interviews! Photos and Web links for all interviewees are below.

2:10 John Gehron (USA) Pilot Theory

John Gehron

John Gehron

3:39 Ian M (Canada) SquareComix
Ian MIan M’s table
4:47 Graeme McNee (Scotland) GraemeMcNee.com
John GehronGraeme McNee
7:15 Abby Denson (USA) Dolltopia
Abby Denson

Abby Denson


8:40 Yuutan (Japan) Yocchi’s Forgetfulness
10:34 Sakki Crow Tengu Siblings Bedtime Stories
Chris "Sketchfro" TaylorSakki
12:28 Question No. 6 Cat and Spy, Dr. Who variant covers
Question No. 6Question No. 6
15:04 Adam Pasion (USA) Big Ugly Robot Press
Adam Pasion, Big Ugly Robot PressAdam Pasion
18:31 Natalie Andrewson (USA) Mamuana
Natalie AndrewsonNatalie Andrewson
21:31 Alex Mamo (USA) Fields of Wings
24:18 Elaine Tipping (USA) Princess Retribution
25:45 CocoNatalie (UK) Quiet
CocoNatalie, Elaine Tipping, Alex Mamo (l-r)CocoNatalie, Elaine Tipping, Alex Mamo (l-r)
28:18 Foo Swee Chin (Singapore) Nihon lah
Foo Swee ChinFoo Swee Chin
29:30 Ren Ishibashi (Japan) Lily’s Restaurant; Dream
Ren IshibashiRen Ishibashi’s table
33:16 Pinoy Komiks (Philippines) Pinoy Komiks
Tamaki and TamakiTamaki and Tamaki
37:09 Andrew Griffith (USA) Transformers
Andrew GriffithAndrew Griffith
38:54 Victor Edison (USA) Life in Japan
Victor EdisonVictor Edison
40:54 Jillian Tamaki (Canada) This One Summer
Jillian TamakiJillian Tamaki

Listen to Jillian’s Deconstructing Comics interview in 2009!


43:54 Mary Huang (Canada) Now Recharging
Mary HuangMary Huang
45:02 Chris Butcher Toronto Comic Arts Festival
Chris Butcher, TCAFChris Butcher
51:00 Steven and Katie Shanahan Silly Kingdom
(Canada) Katie Shanahan
Steven Shanahan
Steven and Katie Shanahan

Steven and Katie Shanahan

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