#393 Chicago Drink and Draw

Brian Crowley, Tim Seeley, and Onrie Kompan

Tim Across America pt 3! Visiting Chicago, Tim links up with some local comics people, including a couple we’ve heard from before, for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include: Public perception of comics and comics readers in the US; interactions between US comics and manga; reasons not to use comics as a stepping stone to getting your movie made; living with the creative impulse; the relative lack of diverse voices in American comics; and more.

The panel:

Also: Tim talks to Shanna Wallace at the Edgewater location of Chicago’s Graham Crackers Comics!

Photos below the jump…


Onrie Kompan, Dale Lazarov, and Tim

Shanna Wallace


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Resident of Japan since 1989, creator of "The Crazing Spider-Hag"

5 thoughts on “#393 Chicago Drink and Draw”

  1. Very cool pod, and Tim Seeley is the man!

    I must nitpick though, the comment where somebody said most manga is “probably drawn by a Korean anyway” is very odd and silly. There are a few popular Korean series sure, but the majority of manga is by a well known Japanese artist/author, and some of his assistants helping with background etc, also in their studio in Japan. We know the guy who makes one piece, his name is Oda, etc. Ha so a lot of the manga talk just sounded strangely uninformed, but other than that, good pod

  2. His or her assisstants I should say! The nitpicker must not be nitpicked!

    Long life comics, and anime/manga comics!

  3. The bit where you say quality is not subjective. Of course it’s subjective, there are certain craft elements a lot of people can agree on, but especially for storytelling in general it is all subjective, and all personal taste.

  4. Well, it’s certainly true that US mainstream comics guys don’t necessarily know the manga world well (or at all), and vice-versa. I hope Deconstructing Comics can help bridge that gap to some degree. Thanks for your comments!

  5. An interesting question — is quality subjective or objective? I’m sure we could get a variety of opinions on that!

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