#305 Love & Rockets: Gilbert Hernandez

In episode #300, we took a look at the sometimes wacky and cartoony Love & Rockets work of Jaime Hernandez. This week, Tim and Kumar are again joined by Tom Spurgeon to look at the somewhat darker, more violent and yet rather hard-to-pin-down work of Gilbert Hernandez in his stories of (or, sometimes merely tangentially related to) the isolated Mexican village of Palomar.

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3 thoughts on “#305 Love & Rockets: Gilbert Hernandez”

  1. Re: the page in Human Diastrophism discussed about 35 minutes in, regarding the different appearrance of that page relative to the other pages.

    I don’t have the book in front of me but I believe the page you’re referring to is one that is repurposed/reappropriated/reprinted from one of Gilbert’s science fiction stories about Errata Stigmata, from an early issue of L&R. So it was a page that had been drawn years earlier in a different style probably with different tools for a very different story. Which makes it interesting for all kinds of continuity/comics reasons, but mainly here might answer the question why it looks so different from the other pages.

  2. Wow! How incredibly unconventional, but at the same time somehow not surprising coming from Gilbert!

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