#707 Joe Dator and “Inked”

Joe Dator's Mrs. Robinson cartoonAfter fifteen years of cartooning for The New Yorker, Joe Dator has a deep catalog of published work – and a pretty deep catalog of UNpublished work as well (it’s a competitive business!). So in his new book Inked: Cartoons, Confessions, Rejected Ideas and Secret Sketches from the New Yorker’s Joe Dator, Joe includes not only some of his best New Yorker work, and why he seems to get stuck on certain topics (birds, anteaters, arguably nightmarish faces made of bacon and fruit on top of a pancake) but his favorites of the work that hasn’t seen print before. Joe returns to the podcast this week to chat with Tim about the book.

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# 519 “Bizarro” creator Dan Piraro


When Dan Piraro started his cartoon “Bizarro“, some of the factors you might expect were involved in the decision, but the Superman character wasn’t one of them! Dan wasn’t into superhero comics; in this episode we hear the rather, er, bizarro story of how he learned of his strip’s non-namesake (it involves Jerry Seinfeld!); how The Far Side blazed a trail for Bizarro (not in the way you might think!); if having a syndicated comic is still a good deal (if, in fact, it ever was); his forays into fine art, vaudeville, and coloring books; and much more.

#518 Joe Dator, New Yorker cartoonist

Joe Dator - manspreading

Single-panel cartoons, while not sequential art, certainly have some things in common with sequential art, and some cartoonists (Hank Ketcham, Bil Keane) have alternated between the two in their daily work. This week, in the first of two interviews with single-panel creators, Tim talks with New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator.

What’s it like trying to get your joke across in exactly one panel — and get the darn thing published in a highly competitive venue like the pages of the New Yorker? How did the Far Side influence single-panels? (Perhaps less than you think!) What is the Mount Everest of cartooning? What cartoonists influenced Joe most? And – why does he spend his free time making a comedy podcast about classic rock?