#166 The Martian Confederacy

Martian ConfederacyLast year, writer Jason McNamara and artist Paige Braddock both appeared on the podcast. At last, Kumar and Tim have gotten ahold of their collaboration, “The Martian Confederacy,” and they’re here to give their unbiased opinions. PLUS: Win a copy of The Martian Confederacy, provided by ComicsNOW! Tim explains how to enter the drawing.

#160 Howard the Duck and other wise quacks

12/29/08 Howard the Duck

The Essential Howard the Duck vol. 1 collects all of Steve Gerber’s 1970s writing for Marvel’s Code-approved Howard the Duck comic. Tim and Kumar talk about what Gerber got away with in spite of the code, and how HTD differs from most ’70s Marvel books.

#155 Schulz and Peanuts, pt. 2

11/24/08 Schulz and Peanuts pt. 2

Snoopy omlette at the Snoopy Cafe, YokohamaMonte Schulz, son of Charles, claims to have been "horrified" by the David Michaelis bio of his father. Should he have been?

#154 Schulz and Peanuts, part 1

11/17/08 Schulz and Peanuts

Schulz and PeanutsLeading into our review of David Michaelis’ controversial Schulz biography, “Schulz and Peanuts,” Tim and Kumar talk about the strip itself, how it influenced what came after, and how, in politics and social issues, it took no sides — and all sides.

#151 “I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!”

10/27/08 I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!

De Structo's headFletcher Hanks created some bizarre, sadistic superhero comics in 1939-1941. Tim and Kumar discuss this collection of his work, edited by Paul Karasik.

#148 An examination of “Watchmen” pt. 2

10/6/08 An examination of Watchmen pt. 2

Watchmen #12More on Watchmen, including the significance of the Black Freighter pirate sequences, the Institute for Extraspacial Studies, more things Douglas Wolk missed, and why Moore didn’t use the old Charlton Comics characters!

#147 An examination of “Watchmen” pt. 1

9/29/08 An examination of Watchmen pt. 1

Watchmen #1It’s one of the classics of the comics medium: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ “Watchmen.” Tim and Kumar try to unlock the meanings that others have overlooked…

#141 “Dr. Slump” and “Cromartie High School”

Dr. SlumpGag manga! Tim talks to manga translator Kumar about two hilarious Japanese comics series, “Dr. Slump” by Akira Toriyama, and “Cromartie High School” by Eiji Nonaka.

8/18/08 “Dr. Slump” and “Cromartie High School”

#134: “The R. Crumb Handbook”

6/30/08 “The R. Crumb Handbook”

The R. Crumb HandbookA recent R. Crumb compilation is reviewed by a Crumb connoisseur (Kumar) and a Crumb newbie (Tim). The book features Crumb at his sweetest and his most shocking. But can this (or any book) claim to be the perfect Crumb compilation?