Critiquing Comics #173: “Weasel”

Starting in 1999, Dave Cooper (accompanied at first by Patrick McEown) had a collection of work published by Fantagraphics as a magazine called Weasel. The magazine featured Cooper’s story “Ripple”, later published in one volume. “Ripple” is a disturbing story, masterfully told; we hope Cooper is not lying that it’s “not autobiographical,” but for fiction it’s remarkably detailed and heartfelt. In this episode, Tim and Mulele explore the first five issues of Weasel.


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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #173: “Weasel””

  1. I can give an answer for the question posed by Tim at the end of this Episode “Why do people like the Critiquing Comics Segment”

    1. It’s a good way to find out about comics that exist in the first place. The good reviews curate some stuff to look at. I’ve gotten into quite a few good comics through the reviews on here like the Big Ugly Robot books, Chad in Amsterdam, Read more comix, Esoteric Dialogue etc. This kind of show is important in a day and age where we are swimming in a sea of media begging for attention.

    2. These critiques are handy for someone like me that wants to get into creating comics. The critiques give food for thought. You two pair well as Tim usually picks up on writing or plot errors while Mulele is excellent at explaining the fundamentals of art and giving suggestions on it.

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