#174 Peter David

4/6/09 Peter David

Genis VellLongtime comics and Star Trek-novel writer Peter David talks about being a writer, balancing the conflicting expectations of the mainstream comics audience, and why he’s learned to have NO expectations whatsoever of any movie before he actually sees it!

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Resident of Japan since 1989, creator of "The Crazing Spider-Hag"

One thought on “#174 Peter David”

  1. This past weekend was awesome for me. As part of a Sci-Fi convention in Louisville, KY. I got to interview Peter David (www.peterdavid.net). We talked for a good while about his comic book writing as well as his other writings and just the general inner workings of the business.

    I just released the interview as an episode of the podcast I produce called Completely Comics over at http://www.completelycomics.com. Feel free to give it a listen and feel free to share it in any way!


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