Critiquing Comics #126: Kaigai and CAT 2017, pt 3

Kaigai and CAT pt 3

Tim and Mulele talk about four more comics they picked up at the recent Tokyo comics conventions, Kaigai Manga Festa and Comic Art Tokyo. Also, a response from the author of a Kaigai/CAT comic reviewed in a previous episode, and our take on what Erik Larsen’s recent controversial assertion about being successful in comics.

Himawari Share Himawari Share #1, by Harmony Becker
Teach English in Japan Teach English In Japan #1, by Jonathon Dalton and Jeffrey Ellis
Spaboon Spaboon by Chris Carlier
Florida Florida Folding Zine and Poster, by Natalie Andrewson



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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #126: Kaigai and CAT 2017, pt 3”

  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m the artist on Teach English in Japan. If the book gave you eikaiwa PTSD, then mission accomplished!
    The series is currently on hiatus, but there are three more volumes in print as well as on Comixology.
    I hope to give this series a proper ending in 2019, once I finish my current side project “Crossroads”.

    Jeff Ellis

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