Critiquing Comics #111: “Evil Witch Allie”

Evil Witch Allie

Jake lives near a bog along a lake, and the bog makes him uncomfortable. On Halloween night, he finds a little girl in a witch costume stuck in the bog and he rescues her. Is she really a witch? What’s going on a Jake’s neighbors’ house? Tim and Mulele are reading Evil Witch Allie, by Kristin Tipping, to find out!

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #111: “Evil Witch Allie””

  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the review. I haven’t quite finished the episode, yet, but I wanted to clear a couple things up. I haven’t switched from webtoon to tapas. I’m posting on both, just on different schedules. I post one page a week on tapas and the and then post several pages at a time on webtoon once I feel like I have a big enough story chunk built up. I also have a Patreon page ( where my supporters can see each page a week early.
    Also, it may have not been out when you recorded, but there is a book available now. The full first ark is out as an 84 page book called “Evil Witch Allie and the Black Whole.” It’s available on Amazon and Createspace, and There’s a pdf download of the book available on my Gumroad store as well.
    Thanks again. I’m going to finish up the episode now before making any more comments.

  2. Ok, I’ve finished the whole episode now. I’m glad to hear that you were both so positive about the story. I kind of get what Tim was saying about the transition to the neighbor’s house being awkward. I was trying to keep the story moving as much as possible, and some parts may have seemed a bit forced as a result.
    As to why there’s an “Evil” in “Evil Witch Allie”, there’s a very spoilery reason, and a less spoilery reason. The less spoilery one is that sometimes Allie actually is just kind of an evil little sh*t. This will become progressively more apparent as the story goes on. She throws tantrums, and overreacts to things, and she can be selfish thoughtless towards others sometimes, just like any child. The thing is, most children don’t have reality breaking magic powers. When a normal kid throws a tantrum, they might throw a toy at you. Allie, on the other hand, might turn you into a deer. Which is considerably worse, especially if it happens to be hunting season. You could argue that this still doesn’t make her evil, because she usually doesn’t fully understand the consequences of her actions in theses situations. However, I thought it would still be wise worn the audience straight off that she’s not the total sweetheart they might assume at first.

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