#434 Nao Yazawa

Nao Yazawa/Wedding Peach

Is there “work for hire” in Japanese comics? Yes and no. Nao Yazawa was hired as the artist for Wedding Peach, a manga published in Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine from 1994 to 1996. However, as is typical in Japan, she and writer Sukehiro Tomita co-own the copyright.

In this episode, she explains the details of this arrangement to Tim, along with much more on the development and business of the strip, sexy costumes, why manga creators are left out of the management of the anime adaptation, teaching at a manga school, and more.

Nao’s Web comic Go Go Nao-P!

Nao’s 2002 Wedding Peach site

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  1. Where’s “the jump” after which more pictures were promised? Why do people keep putting that on webpages?

  2. If you see this post in the regular blog view, with other posts before and after it on the same page, everything below that reference to the “jump” is not visible, and you’d have to click to see it. That’s what the “jump” is. When you’re looking at the permanent link to that post, which is the link I post on social media, you see the entire post, including the photos etc that are “after the jump”. I wish there were a way to make that “more photos after the jump”, disappear when you’re looking at the full post, but so far I’m not aware of one.

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