#397 “Multiplex” puts butts in seats

multiplexTim Across America, part 7! Gordon McAlpin has put in more than a decade on the popular Web comic Multiplex, about kids who work at a movie theater — a concept he had originally thought was stupid! What changed his mind? How has he successfully funded two Kickstarter projects to print books of his comic? He talks with Tim about this in a Minneapolis restaurant, as well as using Patreon for funding, his tools for making the strip, and the good and bad points of letting your characters age.

Plus, a clip from Tim’s appearance on the KFAI Minneapolis radio program True Brit!

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One thought on “#397 “Multiplex” puts butts in seats”

  1. I enjoyed the episode. I’d never heard of Multiplex, but it’s great to hear people talk about what they do and why they do it. McAlpin had a good understanding of his own process and was happy to talk about it.

    What he was talking about with the library of images, I remember thinking like that back when I learned Flash and I was introduced to the concept of an asset library. At this point, I insist on drawing everything by hand for the sake of having an original page that I can hold at in my hands afterward, but for 100% digital art, it makes sense to use the animation format.

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