Comic Book Names And Numerology

By Neil Tomblin

pythagoreantableThe reason why comic book character Peter Parker acts the way he acts is in his name.  After studying Numerology, I found that there is Numerology involved in the titles and characters in many comic books.  Numerology is a mathematical science that is related to a person’s abilities, destiny, and challenges.  There are many different ways to calculate a person’s Numerology.  However, in the case of comic book characters names, I will calculate how to find a person’s Numerology by words or names.

Numerology is calculated by converting letters into numbers.  For example, the letter A is the first letter in the alphabet, so letter A is converted to the number 1.  The letter B is number 2 and so on.  However, one we get to double digits such as the number 10 which is converted from the letter J, the number 10 would have to be converted to a single digit.  The way to convert the number 10 to a single digit is to add the 1 plus the 0 in the number 10.  One plus zero is 1.  As a result, the letter J is translated to the number 1 in numerology.  The next letter after J is K.  The letter K is number 11, so just add 1 plus 1 to get the number 2.  This means that Numerology is only supposed to start at the number 1 and end with the number 9.  Knowing these rules to Numerology, you can create your own Numerology chart or get one from the internet.

Each number in Numerology represents a certain energy and ability.  A person’s name converted to a number represents how that person will express his or herself.  This part of numerology is also known as the person’s destiny number.

 It is said that when your birth name is put on your birth certificate, that birth certificate serves as a kind of scroll that imprints part of your destiny into you.  Your birth name is not the factor that tells one’s destiny.  Nicknames also play a role as well.  If a person is called a certain nickname more than they are called by their birth name, it can change your Numerology.  There are also other factors such as one’s pinnacle cycle number and one’s challenge number.  The pinnacle and challenge number can be calculated by using the numbers in your birthdate using various methods.  These methods can both be found on the internet.  Another Numerology method that can be found on the internet is calculating your life path number.  This determines your talents. 

Since most comic book characters never have a birthdate, I will of course just discuss the destiny/expression number of comic book characters.  How you express yourself with determine how one will use his or her talents.  This is what each number in Numerology represents:

Number 1 represents leadership and new beginnings. 

Number 2 represents partnership, teamwork, and duality.

Number 3 represents expression and communication

Number 4 represents structure, straightforwardness

Number 5 represents travel, freedom, change, and opportunities

Number 6 represents the home life, family, love, beauty, feminine energy and creativity

Number 7 represents deep thinking, mysticism, and solitude

Number 8 represents courage, authority, financial reward, business, and karma

Number 9 represents charity, completion, hard work and dreams fulfilled.

Let’s look again at the comic book character Peter Parker.  If we convert the letter in Peter Parker to numbers and add them up. We get the number 61.  Once again the rule in Numerology is to always end up with a single digit.  So we take the number 61 and add 6 plus 1.  When we add 6 plus 1 we of course end up with the number 7.  According to Numerology, Peter Parker is a number 7 destiny or expression number.  The number 7 person is a deep thinker who often loves to think in solitude.  Peter Parker definitely has this personality.  In the Spiderman comic book, Peter Parker is highly skilled in science.  His knowledge of science allows him to create web shooters when he becomes Spiderman.  Also, Peter Parker is a loner.  As Peter Parker, he often is ridiculed by others due to his nerdy behavior.  Peter also works alone as Spiderman.

If we look at the Numerology of Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spiderman, the name Spiderman adds up to the number 9.  According to Numerology, a number 9 person is a charitable person.  Number 9 people help others.  Of course we all know that Spiderman helps people.  This definitely makes Spiderman a number 9.  As a result, Peter Parker is both a number 7 and a number 9 due to having two names that people often call him.  The more people call Peter Parker both Peter Parker and Spiderman, the more he taps into both the energies of the numbers 7 and 9.

Tony Stark is another comic book character who has a personality that goes along with the Numerology of his name.  In Numerology, the name Tony Stark adds up to the number 6.  In Numerology, the number 6 represents beauty, love, feminine energy, family life, and creativity.  These energies are ruled by the planet of Venus in the Zodiac.  Tony Stark is always having intimate moments with various women.  This comes from the Venus of number 6.  Also, Tony Stark has devoted his life to taking over his late father’s weapons company.  Because of this, he has a big devotion to family life.  Also, Tony Stark is very creative with the Ironman suits that he builds.  Tony is always in his laboratory building many different kinds of suits.  The Ironman suits also look good which comes from the beauty energy of the number 6 as well.  The name Ironman adds up to the number 3 in Numerology.  The number 3 is the energy of expression and communication.  One of the main features of the Ironman suit is that Tony Stark can communicate with people through the suit.

A comic book title that fits into Numerology is the comic book X-men.  When you add up the Numerology in the word X-Men the word adds up to the number 2.  The number 2 is the all about teamwork.  The X-Men definitely work as a team.

Numerology is even happening over at D.C. Comics.  Clark Kent’s name adds up to the number 9 in Numerology, the energy of generosity and compassion.  Number 9s also understand the connections between every person.  This is why Clark Kent was able to blend in with the people of Earth as a reporter.  He is also less judgmental as Clark Kent.  Kal-El, which was Clark Kent’s Kryptonian name adds up to the number 5.  The number 5 represents the energy of change and travel.  This fits Kal-El because he had to travel to Earth before the destruction of Krypton.  Also, while Kal-El was traveling to Earth his molecular structure changed which made him gain super powers.  The name Superman adds up to the number 8 in numerology.  The number 8 in numerology represents courage, authority and karma.  This definitely describes Superman.

Another D.C. Comics character who has attracted the energy of the Numerology of his name is Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne adds up to the number 9 in Numerology.  Once again the number 9 is all about generosity.  Bruce Wayne was very generous when he took in Dick Grayson after Dick Grayson’s parents died.  Bruce Wayne has also been known to give to many charities in Gotham City.  The word Batman converts to the number 6 in Numerology.  Once again, the number 6 is the energy of creativity.  Bruce Wayne would have to be very creative in order to create his bat suit and his Batcave.  Bruce Wayne also has many creative weapons.  Convert the letters in the name Dick Grayson and see for yourself if his destiny/expression number fits his personality.

Was Stan Lee’s naming of Peter Parker inspired by Peter Parker’s personality or was Peter Parker’s personality inspired by Stan Lee creating the name Peter Parker?  Whatever scenario was true, it definitely obvious that Numerology is pretty accurate even for fictional characters.  Calculate your own Numerology.  You’ll be surprised by what you find out about yourself.

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