Comic Books’ Sungazing Symbolism

For years, There have been comic book stories of superheroes that represent the power of the Sun. From Superman to Wolverine, there have been secret messages of the Sun that was put in our new mythology called comic books.

In school we were taught that Hercules is real literature and comic books were not real literature. However, comic books were created with the same format as all the world mythologies that used to be religion for the ancient people listening to the myths. Hercules was taken from the name Heracles from Greek Mythology. The Romans learned Astrology from the Greeks. One of the Astrological symbols is the symbol of the Lion of the sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun. In Roman Mythology, Hercules fought a lion as the first of his twelve Labors. There are twelves signs in the Zodiac. In Astrology, the Lion represents the Sun. This story represent Hercules’ master over the Sun. Before Hercules could master the other labors, he had to master the lion who represent the Sun. In Science class, we were taught that all of the planets revolve around the Sun. With this, the Sun is the most important of the Universe.

Superman has super strength just like Hercules. Superman had a father who was not from the Earth just like Hercules and Jesus. Superman gets his strength from the Sun. Sometimes the Sun is Red when it sets. Sometimes the Sun is yellow. The letter S on Superman’s chest is the color red with a yellow background. The Symbolism is evident of you do enough research for Sun Gazing on

Wolverine has super senses just like Superman. Wolverine heals, so he is almost almost bulletproof just like Superman. In The Bible, Jesus is described as the light of the world. In religious art, Jesus is depicted as having a halo around his head that looks like the Sun. Jesus also healed the sick. The healing symbolism is similar to Wolverine and Superman. Jesus was Jewish. The people who created Superman were Jewish. In the original comic book Wolverine wears a yellow suit. The Sun is yellow. Also, Wolverine never gets old, like the Sun. Wolverine has been around for a long time, like the Sun. His emotion are neutral. The Sun is a neutral energy. The Sun is the middle point of the Universe. The school system, comic books, and ancient mythology told us separate pieces of the story of the Sun.

When you look at comic books, see if you can find Sun Symbolism in the stories.

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Comic Book Names And Numerology

By Neil Tomblin

pythagoreantableThe reason why comic book character Peter Parker acts the way he acts is in his name.  After studying Numerology, I found that there is Numerology involved in the titles and characters in many comic books.  Numerology is a mathematical science that is related to a person’s abilities, destiny, and challenges.  There are many different ways to calculate a person’s Numerology.  However, in the case of comic book characters names, I will calculate how to find a person’s Numerology by words or names.

Numerology is calculated by converting letters into numbers.  For example, the letter A is the first letter in the alphabet, so letter A is converted to the number 1.  The letter B Continue reading Comic Book Names And Numerology

Batman’s Kid

BatmanIn the Batman comics, there might be a symbolic connection between Bruce Wayne’s tragic childhood and the personalities of the main enemies of Batman. There are childlike personalities to the original incarnations of The Joker, The Riddler, and The Penguin. The only partial exception is Catwoman. Even though there have been many other villains that Batman fought in later issues of the comics that do not fit in this category, there have always been certain villains that he has fought the most.

One villain that is the hardest for Batman to defeat is always The Joker.  The Joker is the the ultimate in childish, but dangerous, behavior. The Joker tells immature and tasteless jokes. The Joker also engages in dangerous practical jokes. Batman’s constant battle with The Joker is Batman’s symbolic battle to get past the grief over his parents being killed in front of a theater. As a result of Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed when he was a child, Bruce Wayne has never fully grown up. Bruce keeps having flashbacks about his parents’ murders again and again. Bruce becomes Batman to fight the Joker, who is a symbol of the tragic child that Bruce still is. Also, like the theater Bruce Wayne’s parent’s were murdered in front of, The Joker is very theatrical.

The Riddler is another villain that represents Batman’s fight against the mystery of his childhood tragedy. Like the Joker, The Riddler is also childish and dangerous in his behavior. Once again, we have a villain who is a symbolic mirror for Bruce Wayne/Batman’s childlike tragedy. When Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, he doesn’t know if he is really Batman, Bruce Wayne, or both. The Riddler makes Batman solve riddles that must be solved for safety reasons. If Batman does not solve The Riddler’s puzzles, death can come to Batman or other people. As The Riddler sends out out childish riddles for Batman to solve, Batman is also solving the riddle of his own identity.

The Penguin is another childlike villain, who plays around with umbrellas. The Penguin’s original incarnation has him as a mobster who owns a nightclub as a front. The Penguin loves birds and has a funny portly penguin look to him. He also has many trick umbrellas that gas and shoot people. The Penguin is like The Joker, but with umbrellas. He also acts like a penguin, making him another whimsical but deadly enemy.

The interesting exception is Catwoman. Even though she is a bit silly dressing up in a cat outfit, Catwoman still refers to herself as a woman and not a girl. Catwoman is also not always a villain. Sometimes, she has a loving relationship with Batman. Because of this, Batman finds a little more of an adulthood with the Catwoman.

One would think that by now The Joker would have ran out of tricks. However, there might be something deeper behind Batman’s constant trouble with the Joker, even if the writers of the comics don’t know it on a conscious level.

Calling For Super Corporate Heroes

Super Corporate HeroesSuper Corporate Heroes is a satirical comic that centers on a company called Superhero, Inc.  This company is a Fortune 500 company that has superheroes who save people in exchange for money.  Anyone who needs saved by the superheroes must pay these superheroes through rescue insurance.  This rescue insurance is expensive.  As a result of this expensive rescue insurance, only rich people have a better chance of being saved, while the poor people have less of a chance of being saved.  Also, the superheroes with the stronger powers earn more money and the superheroes with lesser powers make less money.  Super Corporate Heroes is the comic that made me think about what it really means to save people.

One of the superheroes who work for Superhero, Inc. is a mysterious hero called The Shroud.  The secret mission he is on makes this hero a very weird guy.  Another Superhero Inc. employee is American Icon, who is an indestructible playboy.  American Icon earns the most money due to the fact that he is indestructible and is the most called on for help.  There is also Ms. Titanium, who does a lot of work, but is under appreciated for her work.  Superhero, Inc also has a veteran worker called Major America, who has been fighting crime for a very long time.  Superhero, Inc. also has a worker who is the last of the Greek gods.  This god is named Olympia.  Finally, we have a superhero named Blue Collar.  Blue Collar has a low salary due to the fact that he has to pay child support and alimony.

The Superhero, Inc. heroes are soon challenged by evil super villains, who begin to destroy New York City.  This destruction of New York City sucks the workers of Superhero, Inc. into the super villains’ corruption.

Super Corporate Heroes is written and lettered by Suzy Dias.  The artist is Miguel Guerra, who also co-writes the comic with Suzy Dias.  The artwork is beautiful and is also sets the perfect mood for the mood of the comic.  The coloring of the artwork has a perfect balance between gloomy and bright.  This is good for a story that is satirical.  The content of this comic is dark, but is expressed with humor.

The first issue shows a burning building on the first panel.  The panel shows a man in a green shirt hanging off the building’s ledge.  He is holding on for dear life and is about to fall to his death.  He is yelling for help.  There is so much smoke that no one can see him.  As the man in the green shirt starts to give up, The Shroud shows and says, “looks like you could use some help.”  As the man in the green shirt thanks God that The Shroud came to his rescue, The Shroud says to the man in the green shirt, “first I need to explain the terms of our contract before I can legally rescue you.”

According to Superhero, Inc. $1000 gets one 5 rescues for a month and $6000 covers one for a year.  Once a person is saved, the superhero takes the saved person’s credit card.  Then, the superhero swipes the credit card with a portable swipe machine.  Then, the saved person is given a receipt.  After that, the saved person is sent a button in the mail.  The saved person has to wear this button to be saved again.

Both the people in danger and the superheroes are in rough situations in this story.  The poor people in danger don’t want to be treated like villains just because they can’t afford to be saved.  However, the superheroes want to make a living off of their talent and be able to have roofs over their heads and food on their tables.  Super Corporate Heroes is an interesting comic book that will make you think and laugh.

You can view the first issue of Super Corporate Heroes for free at

The Dark Silliness of Fear Itself: Deadpool

The Dark Silliness of Fear Itself: Deadpool

By Neil Tomblin

Remember rapper MC Hammer? He was the rapper who always said, “It’s hammer time!” This catchphrase resurfaced in Marvel Comics’ Deadpool story arc of “Fear Itself.” “Fear Itself” was a big event that included many different books that feature various Marvel superheroes. The basis of each story deals with magical Thor-like hammers that fall to the sky and endow different Marvel characters with powers. These stories are also an analysis of current events that have brought fear to America. One of the “Fear Itself” stories that stood out for me was “Fear Itself: Deadpool.” This story arc was funny and action-packed.

One thing I kind of never understood about the Deadpool comics is all of the comedy. The name Deadpool sounds so dark and hardcore that one would think to make the Deadpool’s stories dark. Deadpool’s suit even looks hardcore. Instead of getting the ruff stories that are featured in DC Comics’ Deathstrike comic book series, we get the slapstick humor in Deapool’s stories. How does Spiderman get the dark stories, but Deadpool gets the stories that makes Deadpool look like a parody of himself? However, as I began to read more into this Deadpool story, the comedy began to grow on me.

Continue reading The Dark Silliness of Fear Itself: Deadpool

Arkham City: New Takes of the Batman Characters from the Comics and Movies

I recently bought the video game Batman: Arkham City and was amazed by the content. Batman: Arkham City involves Gotham City being taken over by the villains that Batman has sent to Arkham Asylum throughout the years.  The Batman villains have taken some of the residents of Gotham City hostage and some of the Gotham City Police officers hostage.

Batman: Arkham City begins with a segment where Bruce Wayne is making a speech.  While he is speaking, Vikki Vale is shown reporting on the speech.  In the middle of Bruce Wayne’s speech, he is kidnapped by Hugo Strange’s henchmen.  Bruce Wayne is then taken to a room and tied up in a chair.  Then Hugo Strange begins to talk smack to Bruce Wayne.  From there the game starts.  When the game starts, you have to use your XBOX controller to get Bruce Wayne to escape from captivity in the chair.  The screen will give you hints on what buttons to push in order get Bruce to rock back and forth in the chair.  Rocking back and forth will get Bruce to fall and break the chair, thus escaping from captivity.  Once you get him to break out of the chair, Hugo Strange’s henchmen will start running in the room to give Bruce Wayne the beatdown.  It will be your job to fight off the henchmen.  Once you defeat the henchmen, you will have to find the rocket that Alfred will send to Bruce.  This rocket will have the Batman suit in it for Bruce to change into.  From there, you will be able to put Batman into some serious action.

What makes Batman: Arkham City so great is the fact that players of the game can choose to go anywhere they want.  Players can choose the outcome of the game by going anywhere in Arkham City.  Wherever you go in Arkham City will depend on what happens.

Each villain has their own section in Arkham City that that villain owns.  Each villain’s territory is guarded by their henchmen.  When you are far away from a villain, you will encounter thugs that have bats.  The thugs with baseball bats are easier to defeat.  However, if you get close to a villain, you will encounter henchmen with guns.  The thugs with guns are a lot more difficult to defeat.  You will have to use more of a strategy to take down thugs with guns by using smoke pellets.  Once you get Batman to use the smoke pellets, you can get Batman to hide in the smoke and capture the thugs one by one.  Doing this takes a long time to do because Batman will have to use his harpoon to hang from the top of buildings and swoop down on the gun armed thugs.  You have to wait until the right time to get each thug.

The thing that really makes Batman: Arkham City stand out is the fresh new takes on the Batman characters.  Batman: Arkham City does a good job at mixing elements from the Batman comics and all of the Batman movies.

In Batman: Arkham City, The Joker is supposed to be dying from a fatal illness.  As Batman runs through Gotham City, you will overhear people talking about The Joker dying.  There are also parts in the game where you can see the Joker’s sickly looking face.  Just like in the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series, The Joker is voiced by Mark Hamil from Star Wars.  Also, Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, also voices Batman in the Batman: Arkham City video game.

The interesting thing about The Riddler’s voice is that it sounds just like Jim Carrey in the movie Batman Forever.  However, The Riddler is voiced by Wally Wingert, who did work on the cartoons Family Guy and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The Penguin is a villain that had a very good makeover in this video game.  In this game, the Penguin has an English accent.  This works considering The Penguin’s proper look.  Another makeover for The Penguin a change in his monocle.  Instead of a monocle on The Penguin’s eye, he has a piece of a broken beer bottle lodged in his eye.  Other characters featured in Batman: Arkham City are Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, and Bane.

If you lose at a certain level, you will hear some very harsh words from the villain who owns the territory you where in when you lost.  This will definitely motivate you to play the game over again.

All of the different elements taken from everything related to Batman makes Batman: Arkham City a great buy.  The game will have you playing for hours with riddles that you will not want to stop trying to figure out.