#378 International Comics Fest pt 2

Tim with Juanjo GuarnidoOur report on the October 20 International Manga Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) at Tokyo Big Sight concludes, with analog cloud computer support, an unexpected Boston Comics Roundtable connection, a young boy in strange lands, talk of censorship, Bulgarian comics, and finally, the artist behind Blacksad, Juanjo Guarnido!

Info on all the exhibitors we talk to in this episode is below!


1:21 Makise Hiroshi (Japan) The Data Tower
Makise Hiroshi

Makise Hiroshi (left)

5:38 Aya Rothwell (USA) Mark and the Gillys, Running Through Dreams | Boston Comics Roundtable on DCP | BCR member Line Olsson on Norwegian comic “Nemi”
Aya RothwellAya Rothwell
9:52 Christophe Ferreira (France) Milo’s World the video Christophe displayed | preview pages of the comic
Christophe FerreiraChristophe Ferreira
12:22 Dan Kanemitsu (USA/Japan) Comic Book Legal Defense Fund | Dan on DCP: part 1 | part 2
Dan Kanemitsu

Dan Kanemitsu

21:07 Petar Tasev (Bulgaria) Anthology of ’80s Bulgarian comics creators : Info, PDF | Satanasov | Grozen Entertainment
Yoshimi NakasePetar Tasev
32:23 Juanjo Guarnido (Spain) Blacksad | Tim and Eugenia talk about the Blacksad story “Arctic Nation” | Tim and Mulele discuss the Blacksad story “Somewhere Within the Shadows”
Juanjo GuarnidoJuanjo Guarnido (left) talks to Tim

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