Critiquing Comics 012: “Mythica”

MysticaA brand new Web comic fresh out of the gate, Mythica starts out in Belgium in 1914, then jumps to a flashback. Tim and Mulele suggest flashing back to the development process of this comic, because the creators’ prep for this project leaves something to be desired…

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One thought on “Critiquing Comics 012: “Mythica””

  1. So you’re telling me that new artists/writers are dumb? This comic book is being released 1 page at a time, thus leaving plenty of speculation/wonder as to what is going to happen next. Sorry you’re too impatient to hang in and wait 7 days in between releases. How about you wait a few weeks, then start from page 1 and read straight through? After that, you’re welcome to give your opinion… Also, I’d like to see you write a better comic…..

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