#196 Batman Begins…and Ends

9/7/09 Batman Begins…and Ends

Frank Miller produced two of the most influential Batman books ever, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, within a short period in the mid-’80s. The stories present the end and beginning of Batman’s career, respectively. Tim and Kumar talk about what’s good, and in some cases maybe a bit annoying, about both books.

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  1. Hello guys… I know this topic is old hat now, but I’ve just listened to it, and I would like to offer some thoughts…

    I do agree with the notion that both Year One and Dark Knight Returns occur in the same reality and universe. There do seem to be some recurring elements in both. Selina Kyle’s chosen profession for one, but the thing that really stuck with me is the presence of Sarah, who in Year One was Gordon’s co-worker who he falls in love with. He was still married to another woman at the time. Sarah had to move away so as not to get in the way of the marriage. Apparently, as DKR rolled along, they’re already back together. I don’t know if Sarah is in the other Batman books as I really haven’t read much Batman aside from Frank Miller’s and Alan Moore’s.

    I bought the original Year One issues as they came out (black and white tagalog versions were actually released here in the Philippines). What I can say about the coloring is that some recoloring must have been done for the trade paperback edition to make the colors more painterly.

    I believe David Mazzucchelli worked on one issue of X-Factor after Batman, before retiring to work on his own stuff.

    And when Mazzucchelli came out with Rubber Blanket, Richmond Lewis was one of the co-editors. She even provided artwork for a short story that Mazzucchelli wrote for the first issue.

    Check this out for some David Mazzucchelli awesomeness:

  2. Hi, Gerry,

    Good points again!

    I think the issue of X-Factor you are thinking of is actually an issue of Marvel Fanfare starring Angel (who was a member of X-Factor at the time, I think?).

    Regarding Richmond Lewis, I bought issues 1 and 3 of Rubbet Blanket just about a month back and noticed her there again. Wish she’d do more comics…


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