#141 “Dr. Slump” and “Cromartie High School”

Dr. SlumpFLASHBACK! In our August 18, 2008 episode, Tim and Kumar discuss gag manga! We cover two hilarious Japanese comics series, “Dr. Slump” by Akira Toriyama, and “Cromartie High School” by Eiji Nonaka.

#232 “Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name” and “reMIND”

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name reMIND

Since critiquing comics is what we do, Tim goes in search of struggling Web comics creators who need some pointers. Instead, he ends up with two awesome comics! Hanna is not a Boy’s Name is a comedy with horror elements, lively art, and mucho f-bombs; reMIND is a beautifully rendered work about a cat, a babe, and a mysterious lizard-man. Tim and Mulele review.

#231 Comics Translation

Thinking of looking for work as a comics translator? What issues are you likely to face in doing the work? Our very own Kumar, translator of dozens of Japanese comics for Dark Horse, talks to Tim about translating puns, accents, sound effects, song lyrics, and more.

Plus: Farewell to Frank Frazetta.

#105 Comics & Movies: What Scott McCloud won’t tell you!

FLASHBACK! While we take a week off, enjoy this vintage episode from December 10, 2007!

How comics & movies have influenced each other: what Scott McCloud won’t tell you! Also, digital inking, The Spirit, and All Star Superman! Mulele, Patrick G., Tim, and Tim’s brother Paul discuss.