Brandon’s back in Japan (and yes, we’re OK following the earthquake!), and he and Tim discuss I Kill Giants, by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura. In approaching an emotional topic through fantasy, blurring the lines between the two, is it effective or confusing?

Also, part 2 of Tim’s report on Emerald City Comicon! Notes and links below the jump.

0:58 Tim: Marvel Architects panel
2:39 Anina Bennett Boilerplate, Heartbreakers,
5:11 Angela Melick Wasted Talent
6:12 Jim Demonakos Convention Director, Emerald City Comicon
11:17 Graham Annable Grickle
13:08 Miriam Libicki RealGoneGirl
16:05 Indigo Kelleigh The Adventures of Ellie Connelly;

Director, Stumptown Comics Fest

19:07 Tim: Starkings panel
19:47 Tim: Day 3 begins; I’m a little bit famous!
21:31 Nathan Staples & Ben Dewey Tales from the White Pony; Periscope Studio
28:13 Art Institute of Seattle
29:28 Jeff Schuetze JefBot
31:49 Tim: Comics in Hollywood panel
34:46 Tim: Comics for Kids panel
38:36 Tim & Brandon: I Kill Giants review