Critiquing Comics #141: “Henshin Man” and “Guano Guy”

This time Tim and Mulele critique two superhero comics submitted by their creators:

  • Henshin Man, by Cameron Kerkau, Ben Matsuya, and CJ Standal is just getting started, but it introduces one Japanese hero filling the shoes of another.
  • Guano Guy, by Mark Darden and Nick Hoffman, features a hero who is all about leveraging his being a hero as a way to make a buck.

Critiquing Comics 003: “Flying Sparks”

Flying SparksIs Meta-girl’s boyfriend secretly a villain? What’s Meta-girl’s relationship with the mysterious Meta-man? We critique the weekly Web comic Flying Sparks, by Jon Del Arroz, Michael Yakutis, Ren McKenzie, and Jethro Morales!