Bound for promotion on the Shima Kosaku bus!

On a business trip to Yamaguchi Prefecture recently, I happened to see this bus, decorated with Shima Kosaku panels! Coincidence that Mulele and I had just recorded a podcast where we talked about this comic!

The bus!

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#188 Our local comics, and “Local”

7/13/09 Our local comics, and “Local”

Morning Comics Who is Company President Shima, and why do some committed Japanese fans try to imitate his life? Why on earth would anyone create a wine-tasting comic? The answers to these questions and more as Mulele and Tim flip through the latest issue of Japan’s Morning Comics.
Local Love her, hate her, or… don’t really care about her, Megan McKeenan’s North American journey in Local, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, is worth discussing. Was there a point to the exercise? Tim and Brandon ponder.