Bound for promotion on the Shima Kosaku bus!

On a business trip to Yamaguchi Prefecture recently, I happened to see this bus, decorated with Shima Kosaku panels! Coincidence that Mulele and I had just recorded a podcast where we talked about this comic!

The bus!

There’s even a special bus stop for it!

Bus stop

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2 thoughts on “Bound for promotion on the Shima Kosaku bus!”

  1. What I love about this bus is that it’s an advertisement for the COMIC, not a movie adaptation or anything, and even features goddamn panels with word balloons!

    A few months ago, I was walking around with this weird feeling whenever I saw buses with Watchmen characters on them. If it had been Dave Gibbons art instead of a muscular Nite Owl and photographs of actors, I might have fallen on my bum. As it was, I survived the experience. But this bus is AWESOME!


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