#001 “Superman Returns” “Revelations” “Hellboy”

FLASHBACK: THE PULSE-POUNDING ORIGIN! We revisit the very first time, more than five years ago, that Tim, Mulele, and Brandon recorded their comics discussion and put it up on the Net. The episode was originally published Dec. 5, 2005. Topics include the trailer for Superman Returns, Revelations by Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos, and Mike Mignola passing off art duties on Hellboy. Oh, and, of course, Star Wars.

#204 Hellboy

11/2/09 Hellboy

In the beginning, there was Hellboy. Well, the beginning of Deconstructing Comics, anyway. Brandon and Mulele are both longtime connoisseurs of Mike Mignola’s work, and in early episodes, the work being discussed was often held up to Hellboy for comparison. And yet, until now, we’ve never actually reviewed Hellboy! Tim and Mulele rectify that by looking at Seed of Destruction, Wake the Devil, and The Conqueror Worm. What really worked in those stories, and what probably could have been better? And what connection does Tim make between Hellboy and the band REM?

Plus: A Mulele update!