#099 Burning Questions

Spidey baseballShould comics and prose be shelved together? Are celebrity writers who do comics pleasuring anyone but themselves? How is being a Spidey fan like being a Cubs fan? Mulele and Tim discuss these questions and much more…

Word Balloon: Future of Graphic Literature

CBR: Diamond requires UPC

More on the barcode requirement

#096 “Super Spy”

Super SpyTop Shelf, publisher of Alex Robinson’s Tricked and Box Office Poison, has published another masterpiece: Matt Kindt’s Super Spy! Also Tripwire magazine’s list of top graphic novels, and an impromptu discussion of Steve Canyon!

Super Spy Web site

Tripwire annual

#094 Web comics: Read them! Make them!

Rice BoyWe’ve been reading a few Web comics and discuss our favorites. Also: Tim’s dormant one, and Mulele’s planned one. And how about sending us yours for review? We’ll be nice (mostly)!

The Noob
Holy Bibble
Rice Boy

#093 Violence in Comics: What’s acceptable? What’s necessary?

Killing PickmanTim and Mulele discuss violence — in Weird Crime Theater, in Thunderbolts, and in two books from Archaia Studios Press: “Awakening” and “Killing Pickman”!

Ben Templesmith’s Wormwood (referred to by Mulele)

#092 The 9/11 comic and media coverage of comics

An article on the 9/11 Commission Report comic book gets Mulele and Tim talking about media portrayals of comics, and comics terminology. Also, the decompression of comics, an evaluation of John Byrne, and The Walking Dead!

The Washington Post article

Comics decompression

#091 “Persepolis,” “Ghost World,” and more!


Coming-of-age stories dominate, as we look at Persepolis, Ghost World, and, er, Fear Agent TPB 2!

See the Persepolis trailer

Wikipedia explains Ghost World

The entire first issue of Fear Agent on Newsarama

#090 Dr. Strange, and developing your comic

Dr Strange the OathBrandon and Tim begin a two-part Skype discussion, starting with Dr. Strange: the Oath! Also, Brandon reads from a 1959 Charles Schulz essay on developing a comic and asks Tim about how he developed Spider-Hag!