#758 “Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands”


What happens when a group of people must work in the middle of nowhere, with virtually no supervision or accountability? Generally it’s not a good situation, as Kate Beaton, now well-known as the creator of the web comic Hark! A Vagrant, found in her younger years when she got a job on Alberta’s oil sands. This week, Kumar and Dana discuss her memoir of the experience, entitled Ducks: Two Years on the Oil Sands.

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One thought on “#758 “Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands””

  1. Thanks gentlemen for an informative discussion of Ducks. Like you, I knew Kate Beaton for Hark, A Vagrant and I was not aware that she had put something like this together.

    I bought a digital version of the book from the Kobo site after I listened to your podcast. I knew that I had to read this after you had explored its themes and ideas. It seems like this is a major step forward in terms of Beaton’s evolution as an artist and writer.

    I want to thank the team at Deconstructing Comics for analyzing books like this. There are too many podcasts that focus on formulaic big Two superhero comics, and I find that material boring. Books like Ducks are much more in my wheelhouse.

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