Critiquing Comics #209: “Producing the End of the World”

Producing the End of the World

Anthologies have traditionally been something of a bear to critique, especially if they’re not very good. Producing the End of the World has solved that problem — both by sending us a media preview with only four of the collection’s stories in it, and by, well, being very good. Tim and Adam discuss a book containing some of the more fun stories about the end times that we’ve seen.

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #209: “Producing the End of the World””

  1. Hi, I’m Jeremiah Schiek, artist on the first story in the anthology. To start with a non sequitur, I’m not certain that there is an etymological link between Belial and Beelzebub. The latter is often referred to as “Lord of Flies,” making the name a bit onomatopoeic with the buzz like sound of the name. As to setting, we were shooting for a mid century modern kind of look (how well I accomplished that is more in the hands and eyes of the readers than my own appraisal) so this would be somewhere in the 1950s-1960s. Mario is a big fan of Mad Men. I’ve watched a few episodes, but haven’t gotten hooked yet. The inspiration for nerdy looking Gabe was actually John Turturro’s performance as the eponymous character in Barton Fink, from the Coen Brothers. Anyway, that’s a lot of random information. Thank you guys very much for the thoughtful critique! I enjoyed the episode very much and will be tuning in regularly from now on!

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