#247 Sweden? Ninjas? You are Here!

Dr. McNinjaWe asked for mail from a listener in Sweden, and Gunnar listened! Tim and Kumar discuss his observations and questions.

Then, a look at the popular Web comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja by Christopher Hastings. Comedy, bizarreness, and lots and lots of fighting. Does the fighting work as comedy?

Finally, a (spoiler-filled!) look back at Kyle Baker’s 1999 graphic novel You Are Here. Well, but wait a second — is this, strictly speaking, a comic?

2 thoughts on “#247 Sweden? Ninjas? You are Here!”

  1. Early in this episodes show you were asked about Comic Book magazines. I’d suggest Comics Buyer’s Guide (I’m the graphic designer and a little biased) but we have never been better!! Check out the print issue at any great comic shop and our website that is in the middle of a relaunch here http://www.cbgxtra.com

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