Critiquing Comics #086: Holy F*cked

holyfkedNick Marino and Arruda Massa are back with Holy F*cked, the follow-up to their highly irreverent comedy Holy F*ck, starring Jesus and Satan in a romantic relationship. Does this book hold a candle to the first? Tim and Mulele discuss.

Also, a progress report on Mulele’s ongoing Kickstarter project!

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One thought on “Critiquing Comics #086: Holy F*cked”

  1. Thanks, Tim and Mulele! I appreciate your thoughts on Holy F*cked. You especially had me with the “little brother” criticism. I was like, “Well, yeah, I can’t argue with that!” hahaha

    This sequel mainly exists because our publisher, Action Lab: Danger Zone, invited us to do another story with these characters. Daniel and I wanted to take that opportunity (which we didn’t expect to get!) and try out some different themes and storytelling tricks. Mostly, we sought to subvert some of the expectations created by our first outing, play around with storytelling tropes in unusual ways, etc.

    I can’t say if it worked or not… only that we had a ton of fun giving it a shot!

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