Critiquing Comics #066: Ghoul Squad

Ghoul SquadA vampire recruits a Frankenstein-type monster, a witch, and a man-bat to turn around the public perception of “monsters” by protecting humans from supernatural evil. It’s a sound enough concept, with plenty of story opportunities on offer. Unfortunately, in Ghoul Squad #1, writer Brandon Rhiness missed most of them. Tim and Mulele discuss.

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #066: Ghoul Squad”

  1. Dig the podcast, glad you guys dedicate time to indy books, and give em a proper and thorough review. I’ll def. be sending you guys some of my creator owned material aswell as telling fellow creators to check the site out!

    Just a heads up, artist Carlos Trigo is from Europe, so I am pretty sure he’s aware of what it looks like…

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