#380 A Severe Case of Punisher-itis

punisherIn one of our longest episodes ever, Kumar discusses at length Garth Ennis’s epic run on The Punisher, the greatest comic book series of the 2000s. Dana listens and nods politely.

How did Ennis define the character like no other writer? Is Punisher crazy? Should comics cover topics like human trafficking? All this and more.

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2 thoughts on “#380 A Severe Case of Punisher-itis”

  1. hey kumar what are the chances that this comic gets the punisher max/the punisher by garth ennis: The Complete Collection treatment?

    e.g. (X-Factor by Peter David: The Complete Collection Volume 1)

  2. Hi, H! Marvel did put out extra thick sized HCs of the Ennis stuff several years back (after I’d already bought the thinner trades — grr…). I don’t know if they are still in print or not, but Marvel love repackaging stuff so I have to imagine extra thick softcovers are in the pipeline somewhere…

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