Critiquing Comics #052: “Super Inc, Villians’ Edition”

Super Inc

Listener Aghori Shaivite asked us to look at his comic, Super Inc. Villians’ Edition, which explores the lives of the villians he has created for his superhero comics. Unfortunately, Tim and Mulele have identified a number of problems with the writing…

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4 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #052: “Super Inc, Villians’ Edition””

  1. Wow! Thanks guys, I didn’t even know you did this! I just started to listen to this, but I’m surprised you even critiqued it!

    I’m going to listen to this fully and take what I can to improve. Thanks!

  2. LOL, it’s cool.

    My favorite part of the critique was when you talked about the Cap’N Death comic. Especially comparing the selection of the gangster to a job interview. LOL. It really was like that when I reread it.

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