Critiquing Comics #045: “Yuki vs. Panda”

A Japanese girl has an altercation with a panda cub at the zoo! That’s the setup for this Asia-themed, mangaesque comic. Fresh off its successful Indiegogo crowdfunding project, Yuki vs. Panda faces its next test: a critique by Tim and Mulele! Will it survive?!

2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #045: “Yuki vs. Panda””

  1. ur guys critiquing is the most unprofessional ive ever heard. if ur tired dont do it and stop saying uhhhhhh so much. u guys sound like u dont know what ur talking about.
    not everyone dresses the same and we all know japanese and chinese have the most “interesting” fashions and culture.

    ur thinking waaay too much into it. its a fun story about a girl and a panda

    the first volume is about introducing the characters. its showing shes been training shes old enough to start doing her training, and im sure theyll explain pandas story in the next volume. its obvious hes on his way to find her cause he just broke out

  2. after about 15 min of listening to u guys i didnt want too anymore lol u guys are boring and lack insight. and to be “sleepy” or tired is really unprofessional. get a real job

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