Critiquing Comics #029: Brian Mitchell’s matchbook-sized comics

pow wowBack in April, Tim talked to Brian Mitchell about his matchbook-sized comics. Recently, he sent us some samples, so Tim and Mulele have read through them and are here with their thoughts.

Brian’s site, where you can order his comics

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Resident of Japan since 1989, creator of "The Crazing Spider-Hag"

2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #029: Brian Mitchell’s matchbook-sized comics”

  1. Thanks for spreading the word guys!

    Single strips printed on rolling papers Bazooka Joe style might be a good idea….

    My thing for making more money on the books was I got these wooden boxes & stained them & put 60 comics in it for $60. I sold a bunch of those on Kickstarter, but nobody actually is ready to lay down $60 at a con so far – though then again I usually only go to two or three cons a year which might be a problem….

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