#129 Matt Silady’s graphic novel workshop

Matt Silady makes his triumphant return to the podcast, to talk about his Eisner nomination, the graphic novel workshop he recently taught, and drawing right on the the computer screen.

#128 The Orphan Works Bill

orphan worksThe Orphan Works bill in front of the U.S. Congress now poses huge problems for creators, especially in visual media, all over the world. Tim talks to Brad Holland from the American Society of Illustrators Partnership.

Tell your congressional reps to vote against this bill

Orphan Works Resource Page for Artists

#126 Black Dossier, Black Diamond

Black Dossier

Tim and Brandon struggle with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, zip through Alex Robinson’s Lower Regions, revisit The Black Diamond, and go back in comics history for The Grendel Archives.