journalismpanelmontageTim Across America, part eight! Comics journalism (a.k.a. “graphic journalism”, and other names) has been gradually making a place for itself within the larger journalism world (and the comics world) for the past 20 years or so. Just as Tim was heading to San Francisco, a group of Bay Area journalists on was preparing to hold panel discussion featuring three comics journalists: Dan Archer, Susie Cagle, and Andy Warner. This week, we present that panel discussion in its entirety!

Also, in a special Ask a Retailer, Tim talks to Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience!

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Susie CagleSusie Cagle
Dan ArcherDan Archer
Andy WarnerAndy Warner
the panel
A slide of Dan Archer's work
Brian Hibbs, Comix Experience, San FranciscoBrian Hibbs of Comix Experience