Review: Alan Moore’s Neonomicon

Written by Alan Moore.

Illustrated by Jacen Burrows.

Avatar Press, 2010.

This book is several things.

It is a kinky H.P. Lovecraft worshiping Cthulhu Mythos pulp story, with endless name checks.  It is a raw, meaty slab of new Alan Moore story.  It is a meta-narrative that discusses the possibilities of linguistic based psychedelic experience.  It is some high concept, dark science fiction short story.  It was a piece of work made to pay off Alan Moore’s tax bill.

In my opinion all of those statements are true.  This is an example of why Alan Moore is a master craftsman.  The panel layouts, pacing and dialogue are top notch.  Burrows’ art is excellent.  The ideas that are at work here are intellectually rewarding and inventive.  The stories mirror the Weird Tales formula that they are based on, down to the morbid endings that push the indescribable horror by just showing their effects, their aftermath. Continue reading Review: Alan Moore’s Neonomicon