#808 Jack Kirby’s “The Eternals” 1-4: Chariots of the Superheroes?

Eternals 1So many Jack Kirby creations focus on gods, from The Mighty Thor to New Gods; he picked up concepts from myth or elsewhere and made them his. Kirby’s The Eternals makes no bones about where its inspiration came from: Erich von Däniken’s 1968 book Chariots of the Gods?. This week Tim and Emmet discuss the first four issues, from 1976. And play along with Emmet in the ongoing game “Did someone lift this idea from Kirby?”

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One thought on “#808 Jack Kirby’s “The Eternals” 1-4: Chariots of the Superheroes?”

  1. I never understood the MCU’s motivation for doing an Eternals movie. The Eternals have never been popular with the reading public. It was never a ‘hot property’ or a ‘fan favorite’ comic. There never really was anything like a fan driven campaign to get an Eternals movie made was there ? (if there was, I missed it).
    Every Eternal series got cancelled early on. Why spend millions of bucks making a movie about a comic that never had a hit run? Perhaps they thought they could do what they did with Iron Man or Blade, take a “B-list” property and make it a surprise cinematic hit? The only thing about the Eternals is that it attracted writers like Neil Gaiman who loved the concept but couldn’t make it popular. It was always the writers who loved the idea of the Eternals. But fans never really embraced the title.

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