#770 Jack Kirby’s “Kamandi” #11-18: Kliklak forever

Kamandi This week we continue our look at Jack Kirby’s run on Kamandi, another of the DC properties he created. Tim and Emmet find that issues 11 through 18 include a giant insect, a violent horse race, another standout issue in the mode of issue 7’s King Kong story, a clue as to how the animals became intelligent, and more.

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3 thoughts on “#770 Jack Kirby’s “Kamandi” #11-18: Kliklak forever”

  1. I am really enjoying the Kirby podcasts! I was more of a Carl barks, Don Rosa, Calvin and Hobbes, and classic comic strips reader growing up. Most of my superhero comics experience came from my friend in the 90’s McFarlane spiderman and his complete collection of Valiant comics. So when i first learned of Kirby and recognized i had seen his influence everywhere, i started looking at his work and dynamic panels. Learning alot here. Great conversation to listen to as always.

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