Critiquing Comics #220: “Amazing Tales” #5

Amazing Tales 5

This time, we critique the fifth installment in David Dye‘s “Amazing Tales” anthology series. In the main story, we again join the troops of Dropship Fifteen, in a story that gets a bit harrowing… but not without some humor. Adam joins Tim to talk through the issue.

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2 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #220: “Amazing Tales” #5”

  1. Tim and Adam
    thanks for reading my comic and doing this critique. It is very much appreciated. Let me know if you don’t want me paraphrasing your comments in the next issue of AT that I publish. I like to provide the feedback and letters I receive as evidence that somebody other than myself has actually read the comic. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories, but sorry to traumatise you with the first one. I can’t promise I won’t do it again, though 🙂 As you can gather from my comics I like to mix things up a bit which means there is horror mixed in with drama and humour. These stories aren’t intended for kids. I rate them as “mature age and up”. Yes, the colour story had to be inserted into the middle of the comic to reduce printing costs. It didn’t occur to me that the digital issue (that you read) could have been rearranged to have the first story run straight through without the break in the middle. In the physical paper edition, it is more obvious that the colour story is in the middle of the comic. I’m glad Adam persevered with the slang and jargon of the first story and managed to enjoy it and then the other three.
    I live in a country town called Mildura, in Victoria. The closest capital city is Adelaide, South Australia (450km away).

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