#622 “A Small Killing” – and also “Jerusalem”


A man is being stalked by a child who wants to kill him. Who is the child? Or perhaps the question is, what does the child symbolize? Could this book be an autobiography in disguise? Koom and Mike discuss Alan Moore and Oscar Zarate’s underappreciated 1991 work A Small Killing— as well as Moore’s prose novel Jerusalem and simply the nature of Alan Moore.

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2 thoughts on “#622 “A Small Killing” – and also “Jerusalem””

  1. I was wondering if you guys noticed, since you didn’t mention it, in the bar on all panels except one it’s either Timothy holding the beer glass in his hands or the glass is on the table. But there’s one panel where the kid is holding the beer. And that panel is right after the panel where Tim was holding it. You mentioned that the soda stays full. The kid was drinking beer then? I took it as a hint that the kid is Timothy. Was there any other meaning behind it?

  2. yes, Malik, I took it as the figure of the boy just being Timothy’s projection of himself

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