Critiquing Comics #139: “Tabi” and “The Quick and the Dad”

Tabi - The Quick and the Dad

Tim and Mulele are back with two critiques:

Oscar‘s recent book Tabi (“Journey”) is another silent comic, this time featuring a sword-wielding rabbit. Is that sword to be used for good, or for ill?

Ken Holtzhouser brings us The Quick and the Dad, in which a somewhat goofball dad tries to reconnect with his son and discovers that Junior is a superhero!

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One thought on “Critiquing Comics #139: “Tabi” and “The Quick and the Dad””

  1. Thanks guys,
    Excellent discussion. You hit on the criticisms I have and recognized the evolution of the process. To answer a couple of questions, I started THE QUICK AND THE DAD last year. The first issue was produced in tiny spurts through the year and was published in December 2017. The next eight issues have followed over these eight months of 2018 and each issue teaches me something that makes the next issue better. There’s an effect in issues 7-9 that is a result of experimentation and I strive to improve the writing and cartooning with every issue. At it’s heart, it’s a love letter to the comics I grew up with and i’m Always happy to share it with others.
    P.s. I have a couple of future covers in the pipeline from classic Marvel/DC artists. Makes me feel like I’m part of the community, y’know?
    Thanks again

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